This is why I started working with leather. I needed a belt and couldn't find one I liked for under 100 bucks, so I made one myself. I found a local full grain leather supplier who sold hides, came about a few tools and cut my own belt. I put a many long nights into perfecting this belt making dozens of samples using different leather, hardware and buckles. I dedicated hours to figuring out sizing and spent 6 months alone working on different techniques to burnish the finished rounded edge. After a year and a half of fine-tuning, this is the end result. The tan belts get darker and ages very well over time making them one of a kind by taking on characteristics reflective of your daily activities. The idea is I start the belt process and you finish it! The black stays black, imagine that!

    Made from European vegetable tanned full grain leather. 

    Cut, measured, punched, and burnished edges all done one at a time by hand. 

    Choice of natural finish solid brass roller buckle, or a silver stainless steel roller buckle.



    Each belt is punched with 6 holes.  Size 40 and up have 7 holes.

    It is very  IMPORTANT to note that belt sizes are not the same as your waist or jean size. Jeans and pants go around your waist and belts go around your jeans and pants, therefore your belt size will measure larger than your pant size.  Please up size two inches.  For example, if you are a size 36 jean, you will need a size 38 belt.  But, be very careful, thoughtful and honest about this. Example being, I wear a 34 jean that is very tight for the first few weeks until it stretches into a 35 or 36 sized jean, and so I wear a size 38 belt. Please take into consideration if you wear shrink to fit or stretch to fit raw denim. Any questions please email first.


    If you wish to personalize your new belt, I offer stamping from 1 to 4 lines, up to 12 uppercase characters per line in the font shown (see pictures for reference). Of course you can leave it blank. Note that the personalized stamping will be hidden when the belt is done up around your waist keeping things subtle and personal.

    As well, you have the choice to stamp your belt end with an ANCHOR.

  • $80.00

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